My Resume

My Resume
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Profile Summary

I have in-depth experience evangelizing and promoting Martech, Adtech, AI/ML technologies, digital transformations, and a strong foundation in Adobe's Analytical and marketing products. In previous roles at Adobe, Tealium,, iProspect, SAS, and Accenture, strategized and innovated robust solution architectures and managed teams for many large projects.  I have successfully delivered results for enterprise clients such as Goldman Sachs, NBCUniversal, T-Mobile, and hundreds of others across Tech B2B, Media, Travel, Retail, Healthcare, and Telecom. I offer a robust blend of technical acumen and team leadership skills, ready to drive the next era of digital innovation.

Skills and Experiences

Strategic Visionary: Championed strategic direction and growth of AI-powered platforms, identifying intersections of unmet customer needs, technical feasibility, and business objectives. Spearheaded innovation projects leveraging platforms like Adobe Experience Cloud and Tealium Predict ML, highlighting MarTech personalization approaches.

Executive Communication: Crafted and delivered high-level presentations to senior leadership, translating intricate analytical findings into actionable insights. Led initiatives at Adobe, such as the Multi-Solution Architect role evolution, showcasing the ability to influence organizational direction.

Mentorship & Leadership: Offered mentorship and guidance on best practices within the Martech realm. Led teams at Tealium, emphasizing a player-coach dynamic, and actively contributed to peers' professional growth and capability enhancement.

Hypothesis-Driven Analytics: Utilized a hypothesis-driven approach to dissect complex business challenges; proficiently extracted and analyzed data to inform product strategies and growth opportunities in the Martech and CDP spaces.

Cross-Functional Collaborator: Cultivated strong relationships across organizational lines, steering diverse teams towards unified business objectives. Regularly interfaced with stakeholders to gain alignment and drive the strategic vision, as evidenced during Adobe and Tealium roles.

Industry Expertise & Continuous Learning: Maintained a finger on the pulse of industry trends, ensuring adaptability and relevance in rapidly evolving domains. Contributed thought leadership via articles, such as Identity Resolution positioning as a subject matter expert.


  • I helped drive a 10-year collaborative effort at Adobe and Omniture, selling, implementing strategic initiatives, and leveraging technical expertise directly impacting over $1 billion in ARR revenue as a technical SME across all Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

  • I spearheaded strategic CRM audits to pinpoint churn risks, identify upselling opportunities, and serve as the internal Adobe Platform authority. This dual role identified $70 million in ARR at-risk Adobe clients within the Tealium platform. The ARR Event volume represented nearly half the total $165M Tealium ARR revenue.

  • As a Vice President, I fostered Blend360's sales team performance through effective Adobe Platform mentorship, improving client satisfaction (Goldman Sachs) for Adobe’s Martech platform, CDP solutions, and Personalization and Analytics projects.

  • As part of a core SME team, I helped facilitate a critical $10M acquisition at SAS, marking the company's initial venture into the digital marketing landscape with the aiMatch AdTech solution.

  • During my tenure at iProspect, I managed and led a team of 20 SEO experts, implementing SEO and analytic approaches to vital marketing and sales processes, overhauling sales strategies, and enhancing campaign effectiveness, notably for IBM’s worldwide marketing dept. and T-Mobile’s global website. These two projects secured the dept's first $1 Million contracts.

  • Along with two other colleagues, I pioneered Omniture’s expansion into the APAC market in 2005, a strategic move that led to ARR growth from $10M to $50M and ultimately helped grow revenue to $450M by 2008, and Adobe’s acquisition in 2009 of $1.9B.


Gritstone Company
Technical Solutions Architect Advisor, Martech Data Management & Analytics - (Aug 2023 – Present)

  • Enablement: Help empower teams with knowledge. Elevate marketing and sales teams with insightful content to close more deals.

  • Strategy: Help develop go-to-market strategies to drive team tactics using data, AI/ML, marketing, and sales growth. All are tailored to the corporate vision.

  • Data: Transform data into triumphs. Help fine-tune marketing and sales data pipelines for maximum impact. Think media governance, attribute modeling, AI/ML, rules and triggers, and orchestration.

  • Personalization: Help teams drive conversions by coaching and discussing personalized AI/ML data-driven campaign use cases tailored to prospects and clients.

  • Technology: Help you navigate the insane landscape of martech, AI/ML, and data solutions. Leveraging partner relationships to guide clients to the right tools for innovative solutions based on their business needs.

  • Custom Consulting: Help you create unique Go-to-Market plans and overcome challenges. Bespoke approaches and tailored consulting for specific data, AI/ML, marketing, and technology needs.

Tealium - (June 2021 – Aug 2023)
Principal CDP Customer Solution Architect / Leadership Team

  • Utilized Adobe Platform expertise to guide Tealium's Customer Success department and protect $70M in ARR by guiding clients through the complexities of various Adobe solutions and tools (AEP, WebSDK, XDM).
  • Initiated a 'Tiger Team' to boost Tealium's PredictML solution adoption, targeting product enhancements and potential growth, protecting and growing the solution's $2.5M ARR.
  • Led internal education of modern data platforms across Martech/Adtech landscape, producing 150+ articles and providing personalized coaching for internal teams.

Blend - (Apr 2019 – Jun 2020)
Vice President, Solution Architect - Adobe Partnership

  • Managed 5 direct reports.
  • Acted as Adobe Partnership steward for Blend360 and Adobe Advisor for Goldman Sachs, optimizing Adobe Analytics and Target project conversion rates.
  • Crafted a custom Adobe Partnership Go-to-market strategy for Blend360, aligning with strategic goals around CDP(Customer Data Platforms).
  • Consulted with various Blend360 F500 client Enterprises on Adobe tools, simplifying complex concepts for non-technical stakeholders.

Adobe - (Apr 2012 - Mar 2018)
Principal Pre-Sales Technical Solutions Consultant

  • Provided coaching on Adobe's Marketing Experience Cloud and Experience Platform unique value propositions, to drive sales, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure revenue renewal.
  • Played a primary role in multiple solutions and platform projects, leading to streamlined implementation.

SAS Institute- (Jan 2011 - Apr 2012)
Customer Intelligence Pre-Sales Digital Advisor

  • Coached and advised Sales teams, 100's prospects, and clients around the company's digital marketing solutions with best practices and architectures, contributing to $125M in sales in one year.

iProspect - (Sep 2009 - Jan 2011)
Sr. Director, Professional Services and Account Management

  • Led a team of 20, instilling analytic approaches for essential marketing and sales processes, resulting in a streamlined strategy and more effective campaigns.

Accenture - (Jan 2009 - Sep 2009)
Pre-Sales Manager, Digital Marketing

  • Co-managed a team of offshore analysts, aligning resources with actionable opportunities for improved sales performance.

Adobe(Omniture) - (Mar 2004 - Aug 2008)
Sr. Pre-Sales Solutions Consultant (Omniture)

  • Evangelized the benefits of SiteCatalyst Analytics product to track the marketing lifecycle.
  • Impacted initial startup and growth of the APAC market in 2005, resulting in ARR growth to $50M.
  • Played a primary Pre-sales Technical role in over 1000 client accounts, impacting over $450M in ARR in 4yrs.

Webtrends (2001 - 2003)
Pre-Sales Consultant - Web Analytics Consultant (Martech)

US Navy - (Sep 1986 - Aug 1992)
Electronics Warfare Technical Engineer

  • Analyzed large amounts of data concerning strategic and tactical targets, providing a foundation for a future career in digital data collection and analysis.

Education and Affiliations

  • University of Washington - BA, Business Administration – MIS
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sloan School Executive Education | Courses: Management and Leadership, Strategic Marketing for the Technical Executive, Understanding and Solving Complex Business Problems
  • Volunteer Advisor - Digital Marketing Analytics | University of Washington, Professional & Continuing Education

Technical Skills and Certifications

  • Adobe Professional Certification – Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner, Adobe Analytics Developer, Adobe Target Business Practitioner, Adobe Experience Platform, Marketo Engage Business Practitioner, Adobe Campaign Standard Developer, Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner.
  • Google Cloud Essentials Certification, Create and Manage Cloud Resources.
  • Expert in Adobe Marketing Cloud & Exp. Platform, Tealium CDH, Modern Data Stack integration technology, AI/ML technology for Marketing, CDP - Customer Data Platforms and Identity Graphs, ETL/ELT/ Batch, Streams, & Tags.
  • Intermediate Knowledge: Azure/AWS/ GCP Clouds.