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About Me


For the past 20 years, I've been deeply involved in the Martech and Adtech sectors. As technical leader, my journey has centered around MarTech, AdTech, CDPs, Enterprise Data platforms, Data integration, data analytics(including marketing AI/ML strategies), data management, omnichannel and multi-channel marketing operations, and transforming digital customer experiences(aka personalization).

My credentials include several 20+ yrs in technology, most concerning business problems and issues concerning data. I pride myself on my in-depth understanding of data integration, AI/ML pertaining to marketing, marketing acquisition/automation/engagement, and modern data management platforms like Adobe, Databricks, Snowflake, Tealium, and many, many more.

As an Advisor in Martech Data Management and Analytics, I act as a type of Chief of Staff and help executive leaders tap into my strategic leadership abilities and technical know-how to generate impressive ROI and bring immense value across their sectors. There are several initiatives and use cases I have launched and executed through my leadership, leading to heightened customer engagement, retention, and growth – all achieved through cutting-edge solutions and tools. Additionally, I hold a deep passion for mentoring. Whether it's internal teams or external clients and partners, I'm always eager to impart my knowledge, sharing the latest insights and best practices in data-driven digital innovation.

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