Endorsements & Testamonials

Endorsements & Testamonials
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I want to express my gratitude to all of the people below. They all wrote me amazing endorsements and testimonials. I have worked with them in either a client or colleague context. I have not altered the grammar or writing of these paragraphs except to copy them to this page. These are true to form their perspectives of me and our relationships. Some have had their careers take off, and I have lost touch, but I have stayed in touch with others and sought their help and guidance over the years.

Stephen Fehr - Head of Solutions Consulting - Adobe Corporate

I have worked with a ton of people over the years – and Travis is a remarkable professional! Travis and I worked together for over 5 years at Adobe. Travis was a Principal Solutions Consultant in my organization – the highest designation you can achieve at Adobe. Travis worked with our most complex and strategic customers. His thorough research of our customers, combined with business knowledge and technology understanding, drove impact for our customers and results for our business. Always available to his team mates to lend a hand, mentor or coach (also his “t-shirt” giveaway at our annual meetings were hilarious – he got a “personal” t-shirt for every team member, every year). I couldn’t have started my career in Digital Marketing without Travis Giffin – it’s that simple. Travis would get my absolute highest recommendation!

Lindy Nesse - Account Director at Adobe

I had the pleasure of working with Travis at Adobe. Travis possesses deep product and industry knowledge. Going into meetings with Travis, I knew he would gain instant credibility with customers because of his technical acumen. This typically is enough to be considered a good Principal Consultant, but what makes Travis truly valuable beyond his knowledge and experience is his preparation, his laser focus on customer successful, and his follow through.

First and foremost, Travis spends considerable time researching customers/prospects before going into a meeting. This heightened preparation ensures that his messaging around their business and objectives is spot on. In his interaction with accounts, customers instantly feel like their success is paramount, because they can recognize that he spent time on their site and truly is seeking to understand their business. Then, after our meetings, Travis sends out his part of the action items from our meeting immediately and never has to be told to follow-up. He does this straightaway and provides details that often are not easily accessible, but that are truly insightful for the customer. He also is quick to reply if they follow up with questions. Travis will leave no stone unturned in finding the best path to enable an account to be successful.

Bill Lofft - Senior Manager, Adobe Solution Consulting

Travis was an incredibly valuable member of our Solution Consulting team at Adobe. His passion and knowledge for all things digital marketing consistently raised the bar and kept our team focused on the critical goals that would make our customers successful. He did a great job of staying on the cutting edge of technology and consistently pointed out upcoming changes, trends, and innovations in the market that would impact our business. He was widely considered a great partner in the field as he brought the experience and knowledge to every engagement that would quickly move the Adobe team from vendor to advisor. Travis is an outstanding presenter and relentlessly focused on customer value vs. technology show and tell. As a teammate, he always made time to help his peers and elevated the entire group as a result.

Hillary Gaeth Ashton - Top 50 Women in Tech | CPO, Teradata

Although he only stayed with us for a year at SAS Travis made a big impact. SAS was expanding its marketing solutions to work in the digital marketing space and Travis came to us as an expert in digital marketing. He helped to educate sales and the customer intelligent staff and engaged often with clients across the US and Latin America. He was always enthusiastic about working with the team and going on sales calls to help the remote sales offices. It was a pleasure to manage him. Travis would be a great asset on any team to help accelerate revenue and customers be successful.

Justin Richards - Regional Sales Director, NetSuite

It was my privilege to partner with Travis for several years while at Adobe. In his role as Solution Consultant, I found him to be extremely competent in both his understanding and execution within this role. Travis is always prepared in advance and wasn't afraid to put in the hours and hard work to make client meetings incredibly successful. He has that rare talent to understand difficult technical concepts and ability to translate those into a common business-friendly framework that creates those ah-ha moments. He's a strategic thinker and I found myself and our clients consulting with him often as we approached complex or difficult challenges. Travis is a straight shooter and you'll always know where you stand and what his thoughts are on the subject at hand. Outside of work Travis is a wonderful human being that cares deeply about those around him, he's engaging, operates with integrity, is dependable, and fun to hang out with. I would strongly recommend Travis to any company that values these attributes.

Patrizio Gelosi - Founder - www.handycontract.com

I think Travis’ profile speaks for itself. I remember that, before contacting him, I was surprised of the positive feedback in his Linkedin profile, and, honestly, I can confirm that he has unique professional and human skills.

Travis has given me some excellent advice in various fields related to a Legal Tech startup project I am working on now, showing a wide range of skills (including, among the others, Strategy, Marketing and Legal area).

His human skills reflects on his valuable professional network, as well as on his ability to listen and cooperate efficiently.

Last but not least, I have been positively impressed by his open minded attitude to the innovation, which makes him always sympathetic to new ideas and patterns.

Stephen (Steve) Hammond - EVP Marketing Cloud, Salesforce

Travis is bright and driven to succeed. He has an entrepreneurial spirit that works in favor of him and any project he tackles, or any company he works with or supports.

His creative strategies for problem solving allow him to approach a situation and turn it into an opportunity.

I had the good fortune of working with Travis in Internet Marketing solutions for technology and services at Omniture.

Travis was a leading force and direction in optimizing not only the marketing and sales communication, but also in coming up with new ways to use the technology and deliver better results for customers and for the company.

It was always clear that when Travis engaged with a prospect or business opportunity that it would be handled professionally and was in the best possible care.

Travis succeeds because he is an innovator, professional, kind, and driven to win.

I hope I continue to have opportunities to work with Travis as our paths cross, and highly recommend him across the technology field.

Bennett Payne - Managing Director, Emerging Technologies, Microsoft

Travis and I worked together for almost two years while at Adobe. As my Solutions Consultant, he was responsible for evangelizing the technical virtues of the Adobe Digital Cloud offerings to the Fortune 50 clients we supported. We were one of the top Sales teams at Adobe globally.

If I had to choose but three reasons why I believe we were so successful as a team, I would say...

...Travis never talked about technology for the sake of talking about technology.

He made sure that even the most technical discussions led to solving business challenges.

...Few are as technically current as Travis. We never walked into a meeting unprepared. Most clients wanted to hire him away from Adobe just on his technical prowess alone.

...Passion. And tons of it.

  • Passionate about solving problems.
  • Passionate about collaborating with extended teams.
  • Passionate about the technology.
  • Passionate about our client's success.

Travis and I have spent thousands of hours working side-by-side in the trenches. Together we've signed on some of the largest brands in the history of Adobe. Not only would I work with him again, but I consider Travis a personal friend.

Carole McCluskey - Retired(CCO/CIO)/Advisor, Independent Board Member

I first worked with Travis at CapitalStream so when I was building a pre-sales consulting organization at SchemaLogic, he was the first person I called.

  • What makes Travis stand out is his exceptional situational fluency which I've seen displayed in both consulting and solutions design situations.
  • He has an uncanny ability to see things that others miss. • Another significant and often overlooked trait that Travis displays is his incredible kindness and desire to do what is best for his clients, co-workers and friends.
  • I would not hesitate for even a moment to work with him or recommend him to one of my clients.

Don Cash(Deceased) - Vice President-Worldwide Inside Sales, BMC Software

I had the unique opportunity of building a sales team from 2 reps to 17 in less than a year.

Travis Giffin was one of the key reasons my team was able to successfully ramp up quickly and close record revenue.

This task was not insignificant. Travis worked 16 hour days and at least 6 days per week if not 7 for over 2 years with no complaints and eye on the revenue goal!

  • He has an amazing ability to teach, lead, discuss and present our products according to the audience.
  • Technical for techies and High level business to CXO level.
  • I owe Travis for hitting our numbers!
  • I would not hesitate to hire Travis in any management role he is being considered for.
  • He is a great leader and balances Strategic with Tactical extremely well.
  • Excellent planning skills balanced with solid execution.
  • What more can you ask for in a manager?

Craig Chapman - Founder/Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Travis is very detail oriented and customer focused. His ability to think creatively and with evidential reasoning gives him unique sales engineering differentiation in support of complex sales.

Chris Maciel - Sales and Business Dev. Director, (AFS)

I have known Travis for eight years and have collaborated with him on challenging business issues. While we no longer work directly as colleagues, I frequently contact him for insights and ideas. I am confident that Travis represents a talented asset to any company or organization. He possesses the expertise to blend the tactical with strategic and easily convey those ideas via his leadership skills. His business acumen is complimented by a strong technical background and the ability to design and implement complex enterprise systems. I would highly recommend him for a senior leadership/management role within an organization who seeks someone who is passionate and dedicated to his work. Please contact me directly if you would like to chat more and have me provide a direct reference.

Derek Bryce - VP of Sales, Strategic Accounts, Adobe

I have worked with Travis Giffin for nearly four years now at Omniture. He has always been an exceptional Digital Marketing expert. His solutions knowledge far exceeds the majority of individuals I have worked with previously. He never passes up an opportunity to provide valuable information to the entire team or to help an individual with a specific question or request. His responses are always very thorough and helpful.

I get the impression that he enjoys his job and it is something he is very passionate about. I would highly recommend him for any Digital Marketing role he was interested in pursuing.

Doug Andersen - Director, Content Analytics, Getty Images

I first met Travis when our company was going through an RFP process for a new web analytics solution. He was the sales engineer for Omniture and from the first meeting it was apparent that he had that rare skill of being able to communicate clearly with different departments in terms and language that made sense to them. He could discuss analytics as part of general business strategy with our senior executives, talk about campaign ROI with our marketing folks, and turn around and give our IT team the technical details they needed to make them feel comfortable their solution would play nicely with our website.

We set up some detailed use cases and asked the RPF vendors to provide details on how they could address those specific (somewhat custom) needs. Travis flew back from a business trip in Asia and spent the weekend putting together a blockbuster document that, no exaggeration, sealed the deal for us.

Years after our purchase decision, Travis continues to check in on a regular basis, answering questions and being an advocate for us within his company.

Knowing Travis, his next role should be something that projects leadership and possibly management capability. I would highly recommend him for these next career level roles.

David West - Account Executive, Healthcare, Salesforce

I have worked with Travis for almost 15 years. Travis is an exceptional member of any team. What makes Travis special as a Solution Consultant/Sales Engineer is his great knowledge of business and technology, which allows him to understand his client's needs and requirements, and his keen knowledge of the technologies that drive business. His presentation skills are strong in both small and large venues. His brilliance shines in taking something perceived as complex and making it very simple to understand and adopt. His attention to detail and thirst for knowledge is next to none. He will be the quickest member of the team to adapt to new technologies and quickly become an expert. His integrity, care for his team members, and desire to do right for all members involved in his deals make him a leader on the teams he is part of. The type of guy I will continue to recruit wherever I may be working.

Jon Narong - Principal Analytics Consultant, 33 Sticks

I was really impressed working with Travis while we implemented Omniture at Six Apart. Although we were under an incredibly tight timeline and didn't have the simplest implementation, Travis assured us it would be no problem, and he was right! Travis is very personable, a great communicator, and has very deep technical knowledge as well. I would be delighted to work with him again in the future. Omniture is lucky to have people like him!

Kashif Zahoor - VP Business Intelligence, Influence Mobile

Travis is one of the smartest guys you will ever meet. He has been outstanding in providing me with great insights on how to leverage our data into actionable results. He takes the time to go the extra mile to make sure I get the answers and results I need to be successful with the analytics product we purchased.

Justin Foster - Chief Revenue Officer, Voice AI

First off, I'm really honored to write a recommendation for Travis. We've collaborated over the years while Travis was at Omniture and I at WhatCounts. Travis has the rare gift to speak intelligently, concisely, and eloquently both to technologists and marketers on the business side.

He has a strong grasp of technology plus a technical background, coupled with broad exposure to digital marketing issues and solutions from both a tactical and strategic perspective.

He's intelligent, humble, friendly, and he has been a great collaborator over the years. I'm really proud to be associated with Travis.